For the love of music…


Swataa is an evolving independent musical project that explores the complexities of life and emotion through soundscapes and vocal harmonies. Inspired by the elements and humbled by nature, artist Sally Watanabe began playing the guitar at age 17, experimenting with songwriting through healing from experiences of love and loss.

Swataa’s first EP and PRACTICE NOT PERFECT is a compilation of these first songs, initially written on the acoustic guitar and later blended with electronic elements of music production she began learning during the pandemic. Spending over two years on and off self producing the project and releasing other singles, Swataa has found both personal and artistic release in learning to let go of imperfections and focus on what matters, doing what you love and growing into the best version of yourself. Their latest release, DURIAN DREAMS, is out now on all streaming platforms. 

As published author in behavioral neuroscience journals, Sally is fascinated by the way in which our brains and environment to shape our personality, beliefs, and actions. She believes the journey of creativity and music are essential for the soul, and looks for ways to encourage and inspire others to weld their own creative expression. 

When she isn’t traveling, taking photos, or enjoying nature, Sally can be found making music and playing at events, and speaking in workshops. 

Contact swataasounds@gmail.com or @swataa to connect!